Snicker's Guide to Ventrilo

Server Information:
port: 4018

NOTE: Our new vent requires a login account for all users. Contact Quilel or Glivereth to have one made for you! 





A lot of you are using the in-game voice chat and others are using ventrilo, some are using both.  However, it would be best for us to all use ventrilo for 2 main reasons:
1)  The cool people in the kin are using it (You want to be cool don't you?)
2)  You don't have to be in a group to chat with your kin.  You don't even have to be playing the game.

Therefore I have put this little tutorial together to the best of my ability to aid everyone in downloading, installing, and setting up ventrilo.

Step 1:  Go the the ventrilo homepage at

Step 2:  Once there, the menu box on the left side should look like the image below.  Click on "Download".

Step 3:  Under the client programs section in the picture below.  If your computer is running a 32bit system(XP, Vista, 7) then click the first link, "Windows i386".  If your computer is running a 64bit system(Vista 64, 7 64) then click on the second link, "Windows x64".  If you are using a Mac computer, click on the fourth link, "Mac OSX".

Step 4:  On the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you get to the image below.  Click the "I Agree".

Step 5:  A pop up box should appear, looks similar to image below.  Now save the executable to where ever you want on your computer.  Once saved, go the executable and run the install.

Step 6:  The following 3 images is the sequence of boxes of the install.  The first box, just click "Next".  The second box, click the "agree to license" bubble and then click "Next".  The third box, you can choose where the files will be installed onto your computer.  For this I just leave it as the destination shown, but you can edit it to install where ever.  After this, click "Next" for the remaining boxes and then close the install box once the program has completed its install. *DO NOT CLOSE THE INSTALLATION DISPLAY UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED OR WE WILL ALL LAUGH AT YOU AND CALL YOU A NOOB*

Step 7:  Follow this "Ventrilo for Dummies" tutorial to set everything up to be able to talk to all the cool people.

You are now ready to talk to all the cool people.  However, you may notice that some people come in too loud or soft.  This can be fixed by following the instructions on my previous post.  Use the images below to help in following the directions.

--Please note that for Step 2, you must check the "Use Direct Sound" box (denoted with yellow box) before clicking on the "SFX" button (denoted with red box).  The blue box is for increasing or decreasing the overall volume of ventrilo.
--Also, the "hotkey" box in image 1 below is where you set the key binding for Push-to-Talk.  Click that box and then press the button you wish to use.  Click "Ok" once finished.

--Now if someone is still coming in too loud or soft after setting up your compressor values, then right click that persons names, highlight "miscellaneous", and click on "sound effects".  A pop up display should look similar to image 2 above, select "Volume", and click "Add".  Another pop up box should appear like the image below.  Adjust the slider to the desired effect (higher to increase their volume, lower to decrease).

--In addition, you may also wish to mute the sound effects for users connecting/disconnecting from server, changing channels, etc.  For that, click on the "Setup" button and then click on the "Events" tab in the pop up box.  You should come to a display similar to the image below.  Just select the event in the box and then click the "Nothing" bubble under type to mute that event.  There are ways for you to edit the sound effects for these events but that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.  I am sure there are some lovely tutorials online somewhere for you to search.

--If you are still having problems then you are SOL.  I am joking naturally, or am I  };-<
--Just ask someone in chat if you need any other help.